That is what CleanWalk wants to achieve in all nature reserves across the world with the CleanWalk walking stick. A walking stick and litter picker in one handy tool to make hiking more fun and the environment waste-free.


The CleanWalk walking stick
The walking stick is ideal to walk with, but also suitable for picking up a can, pack or plastic bottle deep in the natural environment, and thus far from regular cleaning operations. The waste, if it is large and firm enough, remains at the special collection point until you venture across a waste bin where you can dispose of it. The gauge at the end of the cane indicates how much waste you have collected.

Loaning walking sticks for nature reserves
Nature parks can offer CleanWalk walking sticks to hikers as a sustainable service in the form of walking sticks that can be borrowed for their daily stroll in the natural world. Their valuable assistance will make their walk more pleasant and the environment cleaner in remote locations.

Last June we launched the first CleanWalk walking service in the world in the Amsterdamse Bos area – with great success. Not only are hikers borrowing walking sticks but also parents with young children enjoy the natural world and to clean up unsightly litter. All they have to do is leave their name and address at the reception and sign out when they come back, a simple, but effective, system.

CleanWalk storage
The walking sticks are stored in a mobile CleanWalk storage rack. The storage rack contains a waste bin, information about the CleanWalk walking service and useful information about walking tracks in the nature park. The storage rack is mobile and can be set up inside or outside the visiting centre of a nature reserve.



Nature reserve branding
The name of the nature reserve can be engraved on the walking sticks, as Amsterdamse Bos have done, and the CleanWalk storage rack is branded in accordance to the look and feel of the park.


CleanWalk walking stick shield
CleanWalk uses recycled litter to make tailor-made modern walking stick shields for collection. For Amsterdamse Bos, we created a special shield with their logo on it so hikers can collect them after their CleanWalk.

Want to own a CleanWalk walking stick?
Do you want your own CleanWalk walking stick and give nature a helping hand everywhere you go? Then you can also buy a CleanWalk stick personally engraved with your name and logo if you want. A nice sustainable gift for yourself or to give away.

 If you want to offer the CleanWalk walking service to hikers in your nature reserve
or if you want to own one yourself please contact Thijs Verheugen: 
thijs@cleanwalk.info | 0031 (0) 6 29 05 71 71